Celebrate: Geonetric’s 5th Scrumiversary!

Photo of a cupcake with a candle in the shape of a 5It certainly feels like I wrote about our 3rd Scrumiversary just a few months ago, not two years ago. Time flies when you are having fun!

Scrum has been the backbone of our engineering team for five years now and we’ve gone above and beyond with our process. Our team has successfully adopted behavior driven development, which is something that would be unfathomable without Scrum. And our team has been able to use Scrum to build awesome software when teams in many other organizations are limited by their own processes. 100+ sprints in, we are still rolling forward!

How much do we believe in Scrum? We believe in it so strongly that we began rolling it out to other teams at Geonetric. We are now using Scrum to drive agile marketing campaigns. It has been fun working with the talented folks in our professional services team to implement Scrum. We just started our second sprint this last week and have many more to come!

Happy 5th Scrumiversary to Geonetric!  I can’t wait to see what the next five years will hold!

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Kevin Reiter

About Kevin Reiter

Kevin speaks two languages. English. And developer. As our Scrum Master he is in charge of continuously improving our development process. He is the force behind sprint planning and retrospectives and can skillfully balance when to say no and when to push for more results. And since we have the best healthcare-specific content management software on the market, he’s doing a pretty good job. When he’s not organizing cross-team collaboration, he’s thinking about fantasy football and how to apply Agile principles to his home life.

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