Exciting Extranets

Extranets offer a great way for hospitals and health systems to communicate securely with some of their most important audiences. They also provide the opportunity to make a good impression with those audiences.

Think of an extranet like an invitation-only microsite. Like a microsite, an extranet is a self-contained destination focused on a single audience and a relatively small set of goals. For example, extranets can be used to communicate with physician groups and board of directors.

It’s important to remember that extranets are secure and targeted. When implementing an extranet, treat it as a new website. Create an architecture, design, and tone that speaks to your audience. Make sure the content is relevant to them.

Also consider how you plan to manage the extranet. A content management system can make it easy for you to update content. It can help you:

  • Create new extranet sites and secured content quickly
  • Organize content and provide multiple navigational options
  • Manage the permissions of individual users and groups
  • Provide secure access to a variety of files including PDFs, Microsoft Word, and Excel
  • Publish engaging, visually rich content using imagery and interactive design elements
  • Use responsive design to ensure your visitors have a great experience on any mobile device

If you’d like to talk more about spicing up your extranet, give us a call. And in the meantime check out one of our extranet success stories.

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