RIP Status Quo

status_quoGoodbye 2012 – The End of the Also-ran

I am a unique healthcare institution but my market sees me as garden-variety.
In a sea of consumer healthcare choices, I blend in.
I struggle to keep up with my competitors.
Status quo is my middle name.

Hello 2013 – I Resolve to be Original

I will express my uniqueness in everything I do.
I will make it easy on healthcare consumers to understand that I am different – that I am the one.
I will no longer be content in presenting myself in the same way that my competitors present themselves.
I am the better choice.

Here’s How Geonetric Can Help

We enjoy helping healthcare organizations find their own voice. Whether it’s branding strategy, service line campaigns, content marketing, or a new website design, opportunity knocks.

Healthcare organizations do not achieve greatness by accident. They are built by committed leaders stepping up, trying new things, and embracing change. With your help, we resolve to help you find your voice.

RIP status quo.

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Bill Basler

About Bill Basler

Named Ad Person of the Year. Adjunct professor of graphic design. President of an advertising agency. Yeah, Bill has a pretty impressive background. But what’s even more impressive is his ability to consistently deliver outstanding creative. His team wins awards for design and usability, but more importantly they know how to “wow” our clients with both eye-catching design and jaw-dropping results. Bill has spent the last 25 years on the agency side, first as a senior art director and then an associate creative director for two regional firms, and most recently as president of his own design agency. He is also an active member of the Advertising Federation of Cedar Rapids and an adjunct professor of graphic design at Mount Mercy University. Bill holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Iowa State University and while he cut his teeth on designing award-winning print campaigns, he is equally comfortable designing across platforms including Web, social media and video. This father of six is married to a radio D.J., likes antiques boats and is the only one at Geonetric that insists on using a Mac.

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