How the New Facebook Graph Search Impacts Your Healthcare Organization’s Fan Page

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Another day, another social media announcement. This time, it’s our friends at Facebook making news with the announcement of their new “Graph Search.”

Essentially, this announcement means better search functionality within Facebook. You’ll be able to easily find friends (and fan pages) that have liked certain things, have visited certain places or know certain people. That’s just a few examples of what will be easily found.

Your Fan Page

Over 1,200 healthcare organizations have official Facebook fan pages that they manage. What do the new changes mean for fan page admins?

The most important way you can use this new feature is to give your fan page content more visibility. Searchers will be able to find your status updates, photos, videos and other content via the Facebook search function. Your Facebook content just got a whole lot more visible and became an even larger tool for spreading your message and services on the Facebook platform.

Quick Tips

It’s safe to say content creation continues to be key. Just as we optimize our website content for searchers, how should you optimize your Facebook content for searchers?

  1. Think strategically about what you’re posting and how it might be shared throughout Facebook.
  2. Utilize keywords where possible (and where it feels “natural”).
  3. Use a variety of content types – status updates, notes, videos and photos are a great start.

In the end, it still comes down to the usual message we share at Geonetric: content is king. We’ll know more in the coming days as the feature is slowly rolled out to users and we get a feel for how it works exactly.

Stay tuned more for strategy ideas surrounding Facebook’s new search functionality.

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