Cornerstone Health Care Launches Responsive Site

Cornerstone Health Care has partnered with Geonetric to take their Web presence to the next level. With Cornerstone’s rebranding and new content combined with Geonetric’s VitalSite and expertise, a new site was launched with an emphasis on the physician, location and service modules.

When Cornerstone started the project they only had twelve pages of content. Together, we built out their service line content to include a landing page for each service line. Cornerstone gathered information from the service directors and wrote almost fifty pages of service line content for the new site, which Geonetric then added into VitalSite.

With the power of VitalSite, we were able to cross-promote the Cornerstone practice locations and providers on the service line pages using SmartPanels. In addition, content from the press releases were added to the news module to allow the new content to be searchable.

Geonetric’s design team created a clean, engaging design for Cornerstone’s consumers and with the site built responsively. Visitors are able to view and enjoy the site regardless of what device they are on.

It was great to partner with Cornerstone Health Care to build a fun, exciting site from the ground up. It is always easy to work with a client toward a common goal when each team is dedicated to each other. Welcome to the family, Cornerstone!

Home page of Cornerstone Health Care's responsive design website

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