Google Announces Enhanced AdWords Campaigns

adwords_enhanced_geovoicesPay-per-click advertising (and specifically, Google AdWords) is making it easier than ever to target users where and when it matters to them. Google Adwords is launching Enhanced Campaigns – a new way to manage ad campaigns in today’s multi-device world. This is making it even easier to drive targeted traffic to your site, no matter where visitors are or what device they’re using (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.).

How Do Enhanced Campaigns Work?

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns allow you, the advertiser, to create ads that capitalize on the context of someone’s search… things like time of day, device they’re using, and location.

For example, to promote your emergency room, you may want visitors on a mobile device to see an ad with clickable phone number and driving directions, while visitors on a desktop computer view an ad that drives them to a landing page with an online form to reserve a spot. Your ad may even change depending on what time of day it is, or how far the visitor is from your hospital.

Rather than creating several ads for multiple different scenarios, Google will be able to detect the situations, and use your criteria to automatically tailor your one ad to fit the visitors’ specific needs.

The possibilities are endless.

Better Conversion Tracking

Since the new campaigns allow users to interact with your ads in a variety of new ways (e.g., click-to-call, visit a landing page, download an app, etc.), Google will also provide ways to measure and act on the data you can collect. Ultimately, this means better conversion rates and easier ROI information.

Next Steps

Google plans to convert all campaigns to Enhanced Campaigns by mid-2013. No worries, though. The AdWords gurus at Geonetric are on it.

If you’re not currently working with us for your pay-per-click campaigns, now may be the perfect time to contact us. We love making pay-per-click advertising work for our clients and can do the same for you.

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