Rush-Copley Medical Center Promotes Providers with Innovative New Website Design

Rush-Copley Medical Center’s new website design was strongly influenced by Rush-Copley’s  marketing goal to fill their physicians’ calendars with new patients. On the home page, Rush-Copley’s doctors’ are front and center – making it easy for patients to get to know them. And with strong calls to action, it’s easier than ever for site visitors to schedule an appointment.

Taking a nod from retail designs, Rush-Copley’s new homepage is broken into sections, allowing many topics to be presented while keeping the design clean and uncluttered. It takes advantage of the fact that 18.02% of Rush-Copley site visitors are accessing the site through smartphones and tablets. The layout encourages swiping and it is completely responsive – so it will reformat to look amazing on any device without panning and zooming.

We also greatly expanded Rush-Copley’s doctor profile pages and location profile pages. The doctor profiles include videos and articles by their physicians in addition to contact, location, patient testimonials, accepted insurance plans and other important information. The location pages include directions, videos, online bill pay buttons, in-office procedures, office forms, and much more.

Congratulations to Rush-Copley for aligning your new site design with your marketing goals.

Rush-Copley Medical Center's responsive design website home page

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