Continuing the Operation Overnight Mission with Mission of Hope



It all started with a crazy mission… Operation Overnight: building new websites for local non-profits in a 24-hour time span. One of those sites we built during Operation Overnight benefited Mission of Hope. Imagine that, on a mission to help Mission.

Mission of Hope is a great organization that’s a Christ-centered ministry offering support to those in need – free meals, shelter, worship, a food pantry, jail ministry, clothing and support services. Working with the ladies from Mission of Hope was truly inspirational. Tina and her team are so passionate about the program that it was contagious! I thought it was just me, but when we finished the Operation Overnight mission and launched the site, every team member looked at each other and agreed we were not done. What else could we do?

There are many ways anyone could support Mission of Hope – give time, money, clothes, or food. We decided the most meaningful way would be to roll up our sleeves and REALLY get involved by volunteering to help serve lunch for their free noon meal program. And this is not a one-time thing. Geonetric committed to volunteer once a month going forward. We wanted to see Mission of Hope in action!

And the very first time we helped out, that is exactly what happened. Towards the end of the lunch hour, a man walked up to hug Tina and they spoke for a few minutes. She turned to us, with tears in her eyes, and explained that this was someone who had previously been in the Mission of Hope program. He came back because he now had his own business and wanted to offer free services to Mission of Hope to show his gratitude and to give back to a program that helped him through a difficult time.

It’s one thing to support a cause, but to it’s another to witness that service come full circle first-hand! It was breathtaking. All you can think is, “Wow, that’s why they do this!”

We never imagined that by building Mission of Hope’s website that the organization would become a part of our lives at Geonetric. Last Friday was my third time helping to serve lunch at Mission of Hope, and it won’t be the last. If you want to learn about opportunities to help, you can check out their website or like them on Facebook.

Or, just get out there and get involved in helping ANY organization that has a great cause and really impacts people’s lives. And if you find an organization in the Linn County, Iowa area that doesn’t have a website or has a website that needs a little love, send them our way. Operation Overnight 2013 will be accepting non-profit applications starting May 1st!

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Andrea Joyner

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A born networker, Andrea left the surveys and spreadsheets of her market research career for the opportunity to work with healthcare organizations and provide strategic direction for their online initiatives. She’s worked with heavy hitters including Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cleveland Clinic, so she understands how to help our clients reach across departmental boundaries and gain buy-in for Web initiatives. An advocate of measurement, she leverages her research skills to create competitive benchmarks for our clients, ensuring they continue to be leaders in the eHealth space. Andrea holds a BA in English with a minor business from Mt. Mercy College. When she’s not building bridges for clients, she’s building them at Geonetric by organizing company sports teams and fundraisers.

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