An Innovative Solution to the Content Conundrum

Screen shot of the Blaze content strategy tool

If you’ve worked in the Web industry for any length of time, you’re painfully aware of how challenging it is to plan for, create, and maintain great content. In healthcare, as in many other industries, there is an enormous amount of informational content. It can easily become overwhelming. However, nothing is more central than content to the success of your online strategy and the overall experience of your audience.

Talk with content strategy experts and you will hear war stories about hours spent manipulating spreadsheets. Dozens of articles and blog posts describe in tedious detail how to combine numerous data files into a single view. All of this cutting, pasting, manipulation, and frustration doesn’t leave much time – or energy – for actually  understanding the content or developing a solid strategy, let alone writing anything.

Leave the Spreadsheets to Accounting

It’s time for a new toolset. We’re creating Web-based software that helps Web teams to see all of their content across multiple channels, easily access quantitative metrics, and add insight with hands-on qualitative analysis.

Interested in progress updates, invitations to collaborate, and early access?

We’re making it possible to do this in a collaborative, real-time environment – no more waiting for locked files, trying to track down the latest version, or merging sets of changes. We believe that content is the crux of creating great user experiences, and that better tools lead to better content.

Escaping Gravity

You may be wondering how this impacts all of the stuff Geonetric does today. Creating something new is difficult. It’s especially hard to overcome the gravitational pull of what you’ve done in the past. With that in mind, this project is designed to be insulated from existing products and services. We’re operating as a lean startup inside of Geonetric with a small team that will grow if when! we are successful.

Rather than being a drain on the existing organization, we’ve already seen positive side effects. What seems like a tiny shift has thrown open the door for team members to collaborate differently, share new ideas, try out new technologies, and find better ways to solve problems. That’s innovation.

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David Sturtz

About David Sturtz

David uses his deep background in design, content strategy and product development to bring vision and innovation to Geonetric’s digital marketing and content practices. He has tackled healthcare digital marketing challenges from all sides, from designing user-friendly information architectures to building content management software that runs websites for hundreds of healthcare brands. He holds a master’s degree in library and information science from Drexel University and a bachelor’s degree in design from the University of Northern Iowa.

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