Facebook Is On The Hashtag Bus

Text reading '#Twitter Envy'

Let’s look at the ups and downs of Facebook’s new hashtag adventure!

Facebook has officially launched hashtag support. We’ve all used them on Twitter and Instagram, but they’ve only existed on Facebook as a clever way to say funny things. #ThatsStillAValidWayToUseThem

#WhatsThePointOfHashtags?  #HashtagsAreForDiscovery #TheyTieTogetherTopicsAndDiscussions

#MostFBUsersDontSharePublicly #AtLeastNotIntentionally #FBSecurityIsComplicated

#HashtagsStillWorkWithinYourSocialGraph #ThatLimitsTheirUsefulness

#WhyDidFacebookWantHashtags? #SoInstagramPostsDontLookSoSilly #TwitterEnvy? #ToBecomeARelevantRealTimesSharingPlatform

#ItsHardToDoThat #ParticularlyWhenYouPutPostsInASeeminglyRandomOrderThatNobodyUnderstands #ThatHashtagWasAMouthful

#FBWantsToBeAllThingsToAllPeople #SoDoesGoogle+ #PeopleDontReallyWantThat

#FBDoesntReallyNeedHashtags #CanAlreadyFollowBrandsAndMentionThemInPosts

#SureItsAngeringThousandsOfPeople #ThatsATinyPercentOfFBUsers

#BottomLine #FBIsWillingToTakeRisksAndBreakThings #HashtagsAreHereToStay #HaveALittleFunWithThem!

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3 thoughts on “Facebook Is On The Hashtag Bus

  1. Haha, Ben, that has to be the most annoying post you’ve ever written. Great way to prove your point. Hashtags are irritating enough when they have utility, but I’m not having any difficulty “discovering” what my own friends and family are saying on FB. They are doing a pretty good job of TMI as it is.

  2. Megan, I just can’t stop laughing at your comment. If we only had a “Like” button! Thanks for the feedback!

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