Stop Gambling with Your Marketing Dollars

Campaigns.inddMarketing channels and audience behaviors are evolving rapidly. Traditional marketing campaigns take months to implement and even longer to see tangible value. And they’re much too rigid to work in today’s fast-paced marketing environment.

Geonetric approaches marketing differently. We launch Responsive Campaigns ― campaigns that not only help healthcare marketers prove their value, but also solve many of the flaws inherent in traditional campaigns.

With Responsive Campaigns, you begin with the results. The first step is to establish the goal and determine how to measure success. You create value right away ― you don’t waste time planning and brainstorming. You execute an arsenal of tactics in short iterations ― each week, you plan and create new work, immediately test it by taking it “live,” evaluate the results, and make rapid adjustments. You conduct many small experiments and adjust your decisions as new data is available. And your focus always remains on the results and ROI.

To learn more about Geonetric’s Responsive Campaigns, check out our free white paper – Stop Gambling with Your Marketing Dollars: A Guide to Geonetric’s Responsive Campaigns.

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Ben Dillon

About Ben Dillon

Ben’s a big picture type of guy. He loves sharing new ideas in digital marketing, keeping a watchful eye on healthcare industry trends and seeing how it all intersects. A sought-after speaker, writer, blogger and current SHSMD board member, Ben’s an influential voice in healthcare marketing, helping organizations across the country embrace online strategies to engage health consumers. Combine his industry savvy with his background in software development and you can see why he’s also an important member of Geonetric’s software team, ensuring our content management system stays a step ahead of market needs. Ben holds a master’s degree in eBusiness and strategic management from the University of Iowa and a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan. When he’s not traveling and evangelizing, Ben enjoys cooking with his family and playing the Big House with the University of Michigan Alumni marching band.

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