New Centralized Site for Meritas Health Proves More is Not Always Better

Sixteen separate websites. It’s a lot for a marketing team to manage. And it’s a lot for site visitors to navigate.

That’s why Meritas Health decided to move to one comprehensive website. They’re not alone – the move to system sites is popular right now. HCA Virginia and LewisGale Regional Health System both recently worked with us to reinvent and reorganize their Web presence.

Why the move to an integrated site? Organizations understand that one site is easier for site visitors to interact with – and it helps them show the services offered at a system level.

Mertias Health now has one site for all 16 of their clinic locations to call home. It’s clean, easy-to-navigate, and does a great job of focusing on the regionally-known Meritas Health brand while still allowing individual clinics ample space to tell their story.

Moving to a central, single site structure was certainly one of the main goals, but not the only one. The new site also better meets the needs of mobile users with responsive design, offers convenient functionality like online bill payment, and helps promote the organization’s providers with robust physician profiles.

It takes a lot of thought and effort to consolidate content and Meritas Health made lots of hard decisions to get here. But the end result is truly user-focused and showcases the strength of the Meritas Health network. Congrats!

Meritas Health Homepage

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