Five Tips for Winning at Social Media Healthcare Marketing

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“What are some tips for maximizing social media?”

At Geonetric, we get this question quite often. Whether you’re just starting out on social networks or trying to figure out what path to take with your current strategy, it can be difficult to make sense of it all.

With the growing number of social media platforms/networks, it’s not getting easier, either.

Here are five quick tips for getting the most out of social media for your healthcare organization:

  1. Don’t try to be on every social network. We all see it – that lengthy line-up of social media icons/buttons on a website. Find the social media networks that work for your organization and focus on creating great content for that audience.
  2. Provide useful content. Social media isn’t about your organization. It’s about your users and what they can use today. Can you provide blog content with quick health tips? Maybe you can simply share others’ great content? If you are a source of great information, your following will grow.
  3. Post frequently, but don’t flood users. Choose your content carefully and provide value with each post. If you have nothing to share, wait until you have a great post you know your users will love.
  4. Reuse content across networks. Get the most value out of your efforts to create content. Whether it’s a video, a blog post or some other content, cross-promoting is a great way to get more followers and more traction from that content.
  5. Don’t fear negative criticism. Embrace the fact that users are engaging with you on social media and respond accordingly. Of course, out-of-line comments using poor language need to be dealt with.
  6. Bonus Tip! This is not just another “marketing channel”. Keep your brand in mind, but this social media stuff is about direct contact with your audience. Keep it conversational and engaging.

Easy, right? It just takes persistence and effort to build that following.

The key is to focus on the networks that work for your organization and to create great content users can use and share. Do that, and you’ll have a great following in no time. If you’re ready to dig a little deeper into social media strategy, take a look at some of our other social media blog posts.

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Casey Hansen

About Casey Hansen

Casey possesses extensive social media experience and expertly monitors trends in healthcare social media usage. He uses his industry insight and creative ideas to help Geonetric clients create social media strategies that increase brand awareness and improve loyalty. In addition, Casey also works with clients to develop customized search engine optimization services and search engine marketing campaigns. He reviews analytics and helps clients understand the impact social media, SEO, and SEM have on their overall online marketing efforts.

1 thought on “Five Tips for Winning at Social Media Healthcare Marketing

  1. Great blog post Casey! If could add one more suggestion to your tips. Don’t forget to start with really simply goals that you can measure. Whether its driving traffic to your website or increasing event registrations and measure progress over time.

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