Aiming for Five: Q2 2013 Client Satisfaction Results

FiveYou probably know we’re a bit fanatical about measuring and acting on our clients’ feedback, so much so that we do it every 90 days. And then we post about it publicly on this blog. (Why? Because we think it holds us accountable to both clients and prospective clients!)

For our second quarter 2013 client satisfaction survey, we’re proud to announce that we exceeded our goal of 5.0 or better on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest) in the Overall Satisfaction category, scoring a 5.08.

Nice job, team!

In addition to the Overall Satisfaction score, we measure other categories. We also read every single comment. (Really. We post them on walls inside the company, too.)

Here are some of the scores and comments from clients we thought were noteworthy:

Overall Satisfaction: 5.08

“One of our best vendor relationships! Thanks, team!”
“We are happy with the software, with Geonetric and with our Client Advisor.”

Likelihood to Recommend Geonetric: 5.14

“Your teams “can do” attitude and customer service makes my job as project manager of our organization’s website not only easy, but a lot of fun. I am very proud to have chosen Geonetric to help us with our Web presence.”
“I’ve been really happy with the level of support provided by Geonetric. Everyone is so easy to work with, so nice and really flexible.”

Client Communications: 5.26

“I have noticed an increase in useful client communications in recent months. I’m also excited about the Forums concept. I think you are doing a good job attempting to increase useful communication within your client base.”
“The client communications seems really solid lately – good newsletter, and I like the Forum!”

Project Management/Client Support = 5.37

“I love the feature in VitalSite to solicit feedback. I often email my rockstar of a PM on how to use or set things up in VitalSite. She is always so quick to help, I often forget about all the documentation in GeoCentral.”
“You really have done an excellent job of getting so many friendly, capable and enthusiastic employees all together in one place!”

Hosting = 5.49

“I realized I never have to think about hosting — it just ‘happens’ — which is a nice place to be in. Thank you!”

We appreciate and love these glowing comments — thank you!

Things We Need to Work on

Last quarter, we noted that some clients didn’t find our clients-only GeoLabs as useful as they could be. So we promised to revamp them this summer. And we did. We’ve introduced the new Forums. And we also revamped our eNewsletter. As a result, Client Communications received a 5.26 (highest score ever in that category) and great feedback from clients in the comments above.

This quarter, there are also some areas that clients feel we need to work on. Most frequently mentioned was a slowdown in turnaround time on proposals and estimates for some of our work. The good news is that we agree completely — and we’ve already made some changes to shorten the turnaround time on them:

  • We changed some team structures around to put a contract/proposal guru in the client-facing teams directly, rather than run estimates through the sales team. That moves the knowledge closer to the where it’s needed.
  • We are simplifying and standardizing some aspects of our proposals and contracts that were getting a bit unwieldy. It’s one of those projects we’ve had on the back burner for a long time and it’s now front and center.
  • We’re going to be posting on walls (as we do with everything important) turnaround times for some of these proposals and estimates so that the teams can see and continue to chip away at the problem.

So, we’ve got things to work on, but overall the feedback from our awesome clients is overwhelmingly positive. Building an amazing team at Geonetric that Wow!s clients consistently is very hard to do.

Thank you to all of our clients who participated in our survey! And if you’re not a client, don’t you wish your vendor asked — and acted on — your feedback? If so, join us! And stay tuned — we’ll keep reporting survey results and how we’re improving every quarter!

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