Finding the Right Doctor Online Just Got Easier

It can be hard to find the right doctor.

And let’s face it, people are pretty picky. Some care about gender. Others care about age. Some care about where the doctor went to school. Or if the doctor has a MD after his name or a DO.

And some care about all of the above.

So how do you help these picky health consumers in your community connect with one of your doctors? With an awesome online physician directory!

VitalSite’s Physician Directory offers hospitals they kind of online doctor profiles that consumers are looking for – one that has:

  • Detailed profiles (Oh, she likes dogs? Me too!)
  • A search (Because doctor names are hard to spell!)
  • Cross-promotion built-in (Sometimes consumers don’t even know they should be looking for a doc!)
  • Easy administration (Because your site admins have better things to do than manage multiple doctor data repositories!)

It’s like we read your mind, right? Well, we kind of did. This directory was built specifically for the healthcare industry and is used by hundreds complex health systems, community hospitals and specialty clinics around the country.

Check out this video and see why VitalSite’s provider directory is right for your organization. Then give us a call and we’ll set up a demo.

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