Embrace What Makes a Team Better and Ditch What Doesn’t


Change is scary. But what happens when you throw all convention out the window? Like really let loose and do something totally extreme. When you keep doing something over and over that doesn’t work… isn’t that the definition of insanity? So instead of driving yourself crazy, beating your head against the wall doing the same old thing, what’s stopping you from trying something different?

If you follow our blog, you’ve probably heard how we jumped in and implemented agile methodologies throughout our entire organization. Whether you know what that means or not, the bottom line is we knew we could do things better but the constraints of traditional management and organizational structure were preventing us from changing.

How is That Working Out, You Ask?

We are seeing progress and making gradual adjustments as we go. In particular, if something doesn’t work, we’re changing it. If that change works, we keep doing it. If it doesn’t, we try something else… today. Because if something doesn’t work, why would you wait to change it?

And the team – the people who are actually doing the work – makes those decisions. No need to ask permission. No need to rally the troops and present to your manager then wait for it to go up the chain. There is no chain. Instead, as long as your team agrees, that’s all the buy-in you need. Hindsight is 20/20. Now it seems awfully logical.

For example, I am a member of the Client Services and Advisory Team. As a team we decided there were some challenges with the direction we were going, so we decided to try something different for 30 days. And yes, it’s been a little tough and there have been some bumps already. But after 30 days, we’ll take a look at how it went and keep doing what worked. As we work through the challenges and figure out what isn’t working, we’ll come up with new things to try. Then try again. Each time learning more and embracing what makes us better while ditching what doesn’t.

Will it work better? We don’t know.

But if we don’t at least try, how will we ever know?

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Andrea Joyner

About Andrea Joyner

A born networker, Andrea left the surveys and spreadsheets of her market research career for the opportunity to work with healthcare organizations and provide strategic direction for their online initiatives. She’s worked with heavy hitters including Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cleveland Clinic, so she understands how to help our clients reach across departmental boundaries and gain buy-in for Web initiatives. An advocate of measurement, she leverages her research skills to create competitive benchmarks for our clients, ensuring they continue to be leaders in the eHealth space. Andrea holds a BA in English with a minor business from Mt. Mercy College. When she’s not building bridges for clients, she’s building them at Geonetric by organizing company sports teams and fundraisers.

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