Keeping Online Forms Simple

Maternity Pre-Registration Form

Who actually likes to fill out a form? What if that form is five to eight pages long? Would you finish it?

Probably not.

Online forms are created to gather information from a site visitor. It can be anything from a contact us form to a pre-registration form. Getting this information should be easy and seamless. Unfortunately, a lot of hospital websites out there throw an eight page form at the potential patient. Many site visitors will not even get to the last page to submit the form and either end up calling, or worse yet, go somewhere else for the same service you provide. We don’t want this to happen to you!

Some questions to answer before creating an online form:

  • How is the form going to be used? If this form triggers a call back from a nurse who is going to ask a bunch of questions anyway, don’t include them here.
  • Who is filling out the form? Think about the age range of the site visitor and how comfortable they will be with sharing information and maneuvering a form.
  • What is the minimum information you need to gather to fit your needs? Think about the minimum amount of information to help the site visitor become a patient or work with your organization.
  • Does it look professional? You’re probably asking for sensitive information – name, birthdate, social security number, etc. You want to make sure you’re consistent with capitalization and double-check spelling and grammar.
  • Is it secure? And this is important – if you’re asking for sensitive information you have to follow HIPAA and PCI compliance rules. If you’re not sure, be sure to work with a partner that understands HIPAA and PCI form best practice.

Geonetric works with hospitals all around the country to develop forms that get conversions. And, our VitalSite content management system comes with a forms manager that automatically provides our clients with pre-built customizable contact us, bill pay and pre-registration forms. Forms that already follow best practices and take the guesswork out of it for you.

The bottom line? Your main goal is to get the user to hit submit, not abandon the form half way through. Be sure to balance what you need from the form with what the site visitor is willing to share.

Have questions? We’re more than happy to talk forms. In fact – check out our own contact us form.

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