5 Tips for Writing an Engaging Marketing eBook

5 Tips for Writing an eBook

“eBook,” you say. “Is that one of those new-fangled white papers?” Yeah, sort of. An eBook is a way to showcase your knowledge on a subject in an easy to digest format. It is more design-heavy than traditional white papers, and less copy heavy. But just because the word count might be less doesn’t mean it’s not packed with value.

We just finished our first eBook here at Geonetric. And here’s some quick takeaways from the project that might help as you embark on your own eBook journey.

  1. Keep it casual. Just the name “white paper” sounds academic. Punch up your copy and make it fun to read – doing so even makes it more fun to write! It’s good to strive for a conversational tone – but be aware of your organization’s brand and try not to veer too far off course. 
  2. Add to the conversation. Think about where else your audience looks for information on the topic and determine how to differentiate your eBook. Your competition is the whole Internet (a little overwhelming, yes.) Be sure you know what you’re bringing to the table on the topic – what are you sharing that’s unique or valuable?
  3. Break up the brilliance. Although you have a lot to say on the topic, consider breaking up your copy every few pages with pictures, charts, tips or case studies. This will help your reader put your ideas into practice with real-life advice and examples.
  4. Inject some personality. An easy way to add personality to your eBook is to use a theme. A theme can provide inspiration for both design and copy. It also helps as you work on your eBook’s promotional plan – you can easily carry that theme over into social media and draw more attention to your eBook.
  5. Know your audience. Of course old marketing adages still ring true with eBooks – be sure to identify your target audience and write for them. Figure out what questions they have on the topic and where they’re facing challenges.

Are you excited? You should be. What are you waiting for? Get out there and start writing! Don’t forget to use these tips and hopefully your target audience will beat a path to your eBook’s landing page.

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Heather Stanley

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A born storyteller, Heather shares her creative ideas and love of writing with Geonetric as our senior marketing communications strategist. Through campaign development, content marketing and media relations, Heather helps shape our message in the market with compelling and powerful copy. This seasoned communications professional and award-winning writer has 15 years of experience in both print and digital marketing. She holds a bachelors of business administration in marketing and a bachelors of arts in communications studies from the University of Iowa and has taken graduate level advertising courses at Boston University. Always eager to learn the latest marketing trends, Heather is a co-organizer of a popular Digital Marketing Meetup.

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