Clients Still Satisfied? Check.

Client Satisfaction Graph
We did it again! The results of this quarter’s client satisfaction survey (and yes, we do it every three months) shows that our clients continue to value Geonetric as their Web partner. Last quarter, we hit an all-time high overall score of 5.32 on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest). This quarter, we maintained that impressive score.

We have a pretty lofty goal for response rate. We need 70% participation, every survey. And you know what? We’ve consistently exceed that goal for more than two years. This time around, 73% of our clients participated in the survey and 92% of those respondents gave us a 5.0 or higher overall score!

Details, Details

Our survey asks clients to rank us in eight different categories. And we received a 5.0 or better in seven of them. Consistently, the categories that rank the highest are.

We love to see those high rankings come in, but what really makes us blush are the open ended responses. How great is it to get feedback like:

  • “Great work as always! You have an excellent team I know I can always count on!”
  • “Very responsive and professional with great recommendations.”
  • “Great team effort to get our site launched on time.”
  • “We are very happy with Geonetric, our Project Manager, and the educational opportunities provided to us.”

Our mission is to “Wow!” each of our clients, so we’re happy to hear that our team is providing the level of service and expertise to do just that.

Where We Improved

Last quarter, there were two categories that were ever so slightly below 5.0. One of those was our Stat Report. Every quarter we hold a conference call with each client and deliver a Stat Report. This report covers the client’s online success metrics, compares those to peer and industry benchmarks and provides actionable guidance.

In true agile style, we’ve responded. We hired an additional person, made improvements to the reporting software we use, and modified the process for delivering the information to clients.

The changes were obviously noticed and appreciated by our clients. Stat Report was the most improved category and now comes in well above the 5.0 target.

What’s Up Next

As always, we’re scheduling conversations with each of the clients who scored us lower than 5.0. We’ll use that information to make the necessary improvements for those clients to ensure we meet their expectations.

The only category that now comes in below target is our VitalSite software. While a score of 4.9 is certainly respectable, it’s not quite at the level we aspire to. To address that, we added a series of product-specific questions to our survey this quarter. Our clients gave us lots of valuable information and comments that we’re still analyzing. We plan to mesh those results with the input we’ve received from clients who have used the feedback tool in VitalSite. And of course, we’ll take a look at industry best practice and trends, both in and outside of healthcare. That will form our VitalSite backlog and roadmap for the remainder of 2014. Stay tuned – we’ll be communicating the results of that effort in the near future.

Where We Go From Here

We know there are always opportunities to improve, but we did take a moment in our company meeting to simply appreciate the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our awesome clients. As always, we appreciate their participation in the survey and their candor.

If you’re not a client, don’t you deserve a Web partner who cares about your opinion and satisfaction? And who makes rapid changes as a result of what you have to say? If so, join us. And stay tuned — we’ll keep reporting survey results and what we’re doing to “Wow” our clients every quarter!

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