Medical Group of the Carolinas Improves Physician Promotion


Deciding how to promote your physicians can be tough. There are so many different ways to highlight your doctors it can quickly get complicated. Let’s not forget about how making sure your physicians are happy also plays into the mix. Ultimately, there is no cookie-cutter approach. The best strategy really depends on your specific situation and figuring out what best supports your overall organizational goals and priorities.

Medical Group of the Carolinas (MGC), previously named Spartanburg Regional Physician Group, recently took on this challenge. Until now, they did not have a website specifically for the physician group and instead relied on a small section of content that lived within the primary Spartanburg Regional website. That content did not truly represent the physician group or the breadth of services it offers. The content was not mobile-friendly, and viewing physician profiles linked users off to a non-branded third-party tool. That made it tough for users to get the information they needed.

Because MGC’s mission is to increase its regional presence, they decided it was time to change directions and better promote the physicians. To do that, they turned to Geonetric to launch a brand new microsite for the physician group.

The new site provides MGC with a new online presence branded specifically to the group. They can now highlight their doctors and services, and easily make change to the site themselves. More importantly, it provides the user with a consistent experience. And it’s mobile-friendly! A win-win for users, physicians and the team that manages the site.

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