Hospital Websites: Where a Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Rutland Regional Homepage Banner

Imagery is an important part of your hospital’s marketing. It supports your branding. It tells your organizational story.

Consider your healthcare organization’s website. What story are you really telling? The cancer service line landing page displays a picture of a doctor consulting a patient in a treatment room. Does the doctor resemble any provider in your organization? How about the treatment room – is it an accurate representation of your facility? Visitors to your site take notice of these types of things.

How many times have you visited a website and noticed an image you’ve seen elsewhere – maybe even from your own website! People use stock images because, well, it’s easy.  Have you ever looked at a site and thought maybe something doesn’t look quite right? Well, maybe it’s the stereotypical head and shoulder shot of the stereotypical receptionist wearing a headset in front of the stark white background on the contact us page that just isn’t sitting well.

So ask yourself: does it provide more creditability to your site using images of your staff, patients, and facilities? Sure it does. It helps to reinforce your story. It helps people connect to you and your organization.

But it’s not an easy fix. It’s both a financial and time commitment to create a library of custom images. This is a commitment that Rutland Regional Medical Center was willing to make. Rutland Regional launched its website without a single piece of stock photography and this is something they have proudly been able to maintain. The home page banner is updated monthly with new images to highlight the organization’s primary service lines. As patients visit the site, they may even see the doctor who treated them or the nurse who assisted during their last procedure.

I am not suggesting you overhaul your image library all at once, but as you review your own website take a look at where you can start utilizing your own images. Where can you make the biggest impact or connection with your patients?  Maybe it’s the home page rotator, maybe its images related to the service lines.

Make the commitment to improve your story, one image at a time.

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