Love It or Hate It, 2014 is the Year for Content

Perhaps no item was more contentious in the results from our recent Healthcare Digital Marketing Survey than content. Hospitals love their content or they hate their content or their feelings about their content are… complex. Too much content. Too little content. Their content is too long or too static or frankly spends too much time talking about things that visitors don’t care about.

What survey respondents seem to want is Goldilocks content – not too hard or too soft, too hot or too cold. Content that’s just right.

And they want to find it now, because content is a bigger priority than ever before!

Certainly, this is driven in no small part by changes at Google over the past year. I’m inclined to also believe that healthcare organizations understand that providing useful content is the key to building a valuable relationship with the consumers that they serve.

Healthcare Staffing Mix 2013 Graph

So What Are Healthcare Organizations Doing Content-Wise?

For starters, they’re putting some real staff time here. Content strategy now accounts for 12% of Web teams’ time, behind only software development and general Web administration. Web writing consumes another 10% of these teams’ days -the equivalent of 1.4 FTE’s on average.

Perhaps this should be no surprise with 87% of organizations authoring their content in-house.

And those numbers may shrink in coming years. A small but growing part of the market (8% today) outsource their content development. It turns out that writing great Web content is tough. Just because someone in your organization is well spoken doesn’t make them an effective Web writer, or even a passable resource.

In fact, 5% of respondents indicated that they had no good resources for authoring their online content. This is particularly true of small organizations (in our Community & Specialty Providers peer group) where 17% of respondents feel the lack of writing resources.

All of this speaks to the growing role of content in service line promotion. While only 6% of respondents are adding Google AdWords to their marketing mix in 2014, 13% are tackling content marketing for the first time, another 13% are adding blogs to the mix and email marketing efforts are beginning for 15% of respondents!

What’s the consistent thread between those three tools? Content.


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