Don’t Get Left Behind: Twitter’s New Profile Design Rolls Out

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Back in February I gave a head’s up that Twitter was experimenting with a profile design. At that point only profiles deemed ‘early adopters’ received the new design and Twitter recorded how those users interacted and utilized it. Apparently Twitter liked what they saw; they’ve rolled the new profile design out to all Twitter profile pages.

Most marketers use Twitter through APIs like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or the Twitter mobile app. To apply the new profile design on your account or the accounts you manage, you need to log in to Twitter’s actual website. A prompt will appear in a blue box encouraging you to take a brief tour of the new design. The prompt highlights the major visual changes of the redesign including:

  • Bigger profile header image (recommended size: 1500×500 pixels)
  • Bigger profile image (recommended size: 400×400 pixels)
  • Pinning a Tweet to the top of your feed

But there is more to the new design than what you’ll find in Twitter’s tour. To save you time, I made a list of action items you should apply to all your Twitter accounts right away.

pin tweet to profile page2014 Twitter Profile Redesign Action Items

  • Pin an important, original tweet to the top of your profile feed. What is the most important tweet you’ve sent recently? Is there an event you are promoting? Did you just launch a new microsite? Whatever it is, pin it to the top and keep an eye on what that top tweet is. Rotate it out if you have a timelier or more important tweet to promote. Also, this tweet needs to be original and not a retweet from another account.
  • Upload a high quality header image (1500×500 pixels). This new header image was adapted from your profile’s old header image (520×260 pixels). If you upload an image using the recommended dimensions, your header image within the new design could look pixelated. Low quality images present a bad impression to profile visitors.
  • Upload a high quality profile image (400×400 pixels). Some might argue that the Twitter profile image is the most important thing to check since it’s the image attached to all activities you perform on Twitter. The old Twitter design has profile pictures at 73×73 pixels. The new Twitter design has profile pictures at 400×400 pixels. If you have a less than stellar Twitter image, you can no longer hide behind the tiny image dimensions of the old Twitter profile picture.
  • Make sure your link color fits your branding color pallet, is dark enough so visitors can read text against the light default background and also compliments the two images on your profile. The theme color has been adapted from your current link color selection. You can use the color selection tools or type in a hex number (for example, Geonetric’s is 0084B4).
  • Change your Twitter account password. This isn’t a requirement due to the new profile design but you should still do it if you haven’t changed your password in the last six months. The Heartbleed bug has been all over the news lately, and although Twitter claims their servers were not affected, you should still be cautious. While you’re thinking about it, change all your social media account passwords or switch to two-factor authentication.

Many times a user’s first impression of an organization is made through a social media channel. Taking a proactive approach ensures your profile is up to date and you are presenting visitors with a positive experience. Also keep in mind that a few months from now, any Twitter profile pages that haven’t switched over to the new design will look antiquated. It’s even likely that Twitter will switch over those pages to the new redesign at some point whether they elect to or not.

If you need some help with these changes or want to discuss what actions you can take right now to optimize your social media channels give us a call, we’re always ready to help.

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