CMS Training from Geonetric: It’s Like the ‘Easy’ Button Really Does Exist!


Remember the easy button? One simple push and everything just magically works out! Well, that’s the approach Geonetric takes with training new clients on our VitalSite content management system (CMS).

Learning new software can be overwhelming for some people. I understand that feeling based on my own experiences installing new software on my personal computer. And sometimes installing software is easy the easy part — figuring out how to use it can be a time consuming endeavor!

That’s why one of the first steps after you partner with Geonetric is to learn how to use VitalSite, our proprietary CMS. We provide our new clients with personalized, one-on-one training. We believe that making sure our clients begin the process with a real person on the phone to help them learn the product increases the speed of their adoption and helps them move forward with a higher degree of confidence.

We recently worked with United Health Services to launch their new website. Prior to joining our community of clients, they utilized a different CMS, one they viewed as cumbersome and said lacked the ability to set up dynamic filters. That’s where Geonetric and ‘easy’ came into play. Our contact at UHS, someone with extensive background in Web content management, participated in our one-on-one conference call sessions early in the process and was able to hit the ground running. In fact, we had to contact him every now and then to make sure he didn’t have any questions!

We are thrilled our main contact at UHS is able to respond directly to stakeholder requests without having to reach out to us for support. We also know, this isn’t always the case – some of our clients require additional training and resources. Regardless of the backgrounds and experience of our diverse clients, we’re here to help them every step of the way. In fact, maybe we should create Geonetric ‘easy’ buttons to send to all the clients!

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Jill Ungs

About Jill Ungs

Jill is a list person. She not only gets endorphins from checking things off her lists, but adding things to the list as well.. This makes her the perfect person to manage and mentor Geonetric’s project management and support teams. Her goal is continuous improvement and she brings her resourcefulness and attention to detail to her role as implementation manager. Jill is always looking for ways to standardize processes and make her teams more efficient. She’s also known as the Kickoff Queen, and some of her favorite duties is meeting new clients, establishing project plans and timelines for their projects, and ensuring her team meets every major milestone.

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