Enhancing Web Content Through Storytelling

great-storytelling-in-healthcareblogDrama. Likable characters. A happy ending.

Keys to a great story, right? They can also be keys to compelling Web content – as we learned last month at Camp Reboot, Geonetric’s ninth annual eHealth Symposium.

For those of you who weren’t able to join us, here’s a recap of a presentation from a member of our content team:

Great storytelling can expand your healthcare brand, according to Michelle LeCompte, Geonetric’s director of content services. Stories capture attention, connect with the reader and continue to resonate after they’re told. Stories engage our emotions – and have been proven to convert behavior. Michelle shared:

“Brands that connect with their buyers on an emotional level will see two times more impact than marketers trying to sell functional value.”

Her point? When it comes to marketing, feelings win out over facts every time.


Patients as Heroes

The best stories place patients in the role of protagonist. Patients are heroes in overcoming adversity; your doctors play a supporting role. Hospitals are full of these stories – from the serious to the commonplace. A father facing possible heart failure has life-changing surgery at Washington Adventist Hospital in Maryland. A former professional ice skater breathes easier after getting sinus surgery at Advocate South Suburban Hospital.

How does a good story get even better? When it’s about someone who’s already newsworthy. When Miles Scott, a child survivor of cancer, became Batkid for a day last fall, his story was all over the media. Miles is a patient at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center, which connected to the story on their website, Facebook page and other channels. Asante uses its pediatric oncology page to promote their services, feature Batkid’s oncologist and raise money for the Batkid fund; a third of which goes to Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center.


Getting the Story

So how can you find stories like those to engage your audience? One Geonetric client hangs out in her hospital’s staff lounge during shift change, listens and follows up. Another client goes on rounds once a week with doctors to meet with patients – and comes away with story ideas. Yet another client has made friends with doctors’ scheduling assistants and holds meetings with hospitalists. And why not ask patients directly to share their experiences? On its website, Avera Health invites patients to do just that.

Once you’ve discovered a story and written a compelling narrative to share, make sure users see it! Integrate it with related content and promote it across appropriate channels for maximum exposure. Put that story of the father’s heart surgery in your cardiac care section – rather than in a “story silo” that Web users may or may not find their way to. Share it via social media, in your print publications and whatever other channels you use to reach your various audiences.

If you’ve done all this, congratulations! Your storytelling is undoubtedly humanizing your healthcare brand and engaging potential patients.

Whatever you’re hoping to accomplish with your website content, Geonetric can help. Talk to your client advisor or contact our Content Services team for more information on what we can do for you.

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