Geonetric Clients Really Like Us!

When I review the results of our quarterly client satisfaction survey, I feel a lot like Sally Field felt when she won the Oscar® for Best Actress in 1985.

“This time I feel it, and I can’t deny the fact that you like me. Right now you like me!”

There is no denying the fact that our clients like us. And that’s a really great feeling!

To put some numbers behind those emotions (because we’re all about the data!), this quarter’s survey again surpassed our targets for both participation level AND satisfaction ranking.

  • 72% of our clients completed the survey, slightly higher than our 70% goal.
  • Clients ranked us at 5.21 on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest), well above our target of 5.0.

Of course, we’re thrilled with the numbers and we’re proud that we’re exceeding client expectations in nearly every single category – from the service they get from our client advisors, to the information we share through various communications channels, to the stability of our hosting services.

But on top of knowing our clients are happy with our software and services, one of the most valuable aspects of doing this survey every quarter is uncovering trends and understanding how the work we do helps our clients day to day.

Show Me the Value

We all know hospital marketers and Web teams face a lot of challenges. Often, our clients struggle to translate corporate goals into digital strategies. They tell us about visionary ideas and direction from the C-suite, but they’re not sure how to align their efforts with that. And conversely, they’re uncertain how to successfully exploit (use and profit from) online communication channels. Where on the scale of Twitter-Facebook-Instagram-Pinterest-Google AdWords-blog activity should they be and why?

That’s one of the many reasons for our Stat Report. (For those not in the family of Geonetric clients, every quarter the Client Advisory team schedules a conference call with each client to report on the client’s online success metrics, compare those metrics to peer and industry benchmarks and provide actionable guidance.)

Last quarter, I mentioned the improved score for our Stat Report based on enhancements we’d made to the platform and adjustments to the delivery process. Now, we’re starting to see a bigger trend emerge. According to the data, the clients who regularly and actively participate in their Stat conversations are also the ones who better understand how their Web activities align with their corporate goals. And they’re more satisfied overall. That’s a pretty compelling story and why we continue to offer this unique service to our clients.

There is no denying we live in a world of shrinking budgets, do-more-with-less management, and show-me-the-ROI planning. Helping clients understand and use digital strategies to deliver meaningful and measurable results to their organization and show the value of their marketing efforts is, frankly, pretty satisfying work.

Same Time, Next Quarter

As always, we are extremely appreciative that our clients continue to participate in the survey and share their opinions. We welcome the positive comments and equally value the feedback about opportunities where we can improve.

If you’re not a client, don’t you deserve a Web partner who cares about your opinion and satisfaction? One who is committed to this high level of transparency and accountability? If so, join us. And stay tuned — we’ll continue to report our survey results and what we’re doing to “Wow” our clients every quarter!

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Linda Barnes

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Don’t let Linda’s green belt in Lean Six Sigma or master’s degree in marketing and finance from Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management intimidate you. This driven marketing executive brings her high standards for quality to every marketing campaign and branding initiative she manages. But she’s also a people person and values creativity. It’s this unique combination that makes her the perfect person to manage Geonetric’s business development efforts, pushing her team to find new ways to tell Geonetric’s story while still remaining focused on results. With more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, sales, strategic planning, and project management, Linda knows a thing or two about developing and executing integrated marketing strategies. Between traveling the country sharing Geonetric’s vision and approving marketing campaign ideas, Linda can be found assembling care packages for her two away-at-college sons and finding new and inventive ways to remodel their old rooms. Tea in the sitting room, anyone?

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