The Elements of an Effective Campaign Landing Page

When it comes to measuring the success of an inbound marketing campaign, many healthcare marketers focus on high pageviews and low bounce rates. But the real ROI is in the conversion rate. Conversions mean the campaign landing page is successfully persuading visitors to take a specific action.

So what makes a great landing page?

  • Clear Call to Action: What do you want the user to do? Register for a seminar, submit a story or schedule an appointment? When the user gets to your landing page, make it very clear what action they should take next, and keep it simple. A short form right on the landing page is often most effective and involves one less click for the user, removing a potential barrier for converting.
  • Solid Content: Keep your content concise and be sure it answers your site visitor’s question. Don’t confuse or distract the user with noise.
  • Consistent Branding: The landing page should visually match other marketing pieces used in the campaign. Users will leave the landing page if they are confused by inconstancy between where they heard of your campaign and the landing page they come to.
  • Strategy: Don’t let your campaign’s landing page be a last minute addition. When you’re planning a campaign remember that the Web component is one of the most important piece – and often the conversion! — so make sure it’s not an afterthought.

A well thought out landing page can make or break a marketing campaign. Start with what action you want the visitor to take in order to accomplish a pre-determined goal and include the other elements listed above.

Putting it in Practice

For a great healthcare landing page example take a look at the Restore Campaign at Owensboro Health. Owensboro Health does a great job of implementing the tips mentioned above. The page is highlighting not only a specialized, minimally-invasive service, but also the top-notch physicians. The appointment request is a short, simple form and acts as a clear call to action.


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