Getting Started with a Physician Portal

Providing information online is about giving people the information they need, wherever they are and whenever they need it. But often you need to provide information to a limited group of people. Whether it’s communicating to doctors working in different locations, board members in need of meeting materials or employees remotely seeking department-specific details – people need to be able to access certain information externally that you just don’t want available to everyone on the Web.

That’s when having VitalSite and its built-in security features come in handy! Geonetric’s content management system, VitalSite, allows administrators to set up areas of secure content in just a few clicks. Each user gets a unique username and login to ensure the information is secure. And because the content is on your public-facing website, authorized users can access it anywhere with an Internet connection.

Let’s take a closer look at two clients Geonetric worked with to launch secure portals specifically for physicians. Physicians obviously need access to secure information about the hospital and operations, but they are not always physically at the hospital. Being able to access information anywhere online is important.

Mercy Medical Center

Mercy Medical Center Portal

Mercy Medical Center needed to create a provider website that keeps providers and other staff members up to date on meetings and announcements especially during the launch of their new EMR. Some of the site’s content is available without a login. However, sensitive data is locked down, requiring a login for authorized users. And that’s just the beginning. Mercy’s physician website also recently rolled out Active Directory integration. Who doesn’t love single sign on?

Tri-City Medical Center

TCMC portal

Tri-City Medical Center needed to establish a way to communicate with physicians. They launched a physician portal that makes it easier for physicians to access needed information about the hospital and staff, and also lightens the load of phone calls and questions that other staff receive from physicians for this information. The entire site is password-protected and users must be authorized to access it. Even though it launched only weeks ago, physicians are already using it!

When it comes to portals, it’s critical to first have a clear goal and understand what problem you are trying to solve. Starting with an in-depth discovery phase that gathers stakeholder input, content strategy and information architecture is the best place to start. And what about design? Should it look the same as your website? Or would a unique look and feel better support your goals? While that all takes time, it is worth it. After all, your investment will be for naught if none of your stakeholders use it. It has to actually make things easier for those folks, or there’s no point.

Have questions about physician portals? Confused on where to start? Give us a call.

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Andrea Joyner

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