Images: Your Organization’s Welcome Mat

We’ve all done it. We’ve all ordered the burger on the menu that has a picture accompanying the description. Why do we do this? Because it lets us become familiar with our food before it arrives.

Using your own images on your website entertains the same concept. The images you use should be a welcome mat for your visitors, making sure they feel familiar with your waiting room, your staff, or your gift shop, before they walk through the door.

Milford Regional Medical Center in Milford, Mass. recently launched their new website that features a large amount of their own images, including interactions between staff and patients, patient stories and testimonials, and interior and exterior shots of the facility.

Why do I need images on my site?

Reading text without images to break the monotony is a quick way to send visitors right to the ‘Back’ button. It’s difficult for long, chunky text to hold the attention of a reader, and images add a visual element that helps maintain focus, and can be used to enhance a point.

Why can’t I use stock photos?

Stock photos are a great alternative for organizations without images, but they do not represent the people in your building. They’re also used by thousands of other websites, which won’t make your clinic stand out from the rest. Representing your facility with your own imagery will provide a suitable introduction with your web visitors before they arrive.

When and where should I use my images?

There is a bit of a science to using images on a website, whether they’re your own or stock. According to KISSmetrics, a website analytics and marketing blog, using images on your site can greatly boost your users’ experience. Consider these tips:

  • Convey Your Message: If you want to show visitors that your hospital is warm, inviting and supportive, make sure you choose the right images.
  • Add a Human Touch: According to KISSmetrics, an art website that was monitored for analytics saw a 95% boost in conversions by changing out images of paintings to images of the artist who created them.
  • Rely on Experience and Testimonials: For hospitals, they’re more about patient stories and experiences. Visitors can quickly connect to one of your own patients, making a very real and human connection that will resonate upon their first visit.

Inspired by Milford Regional Medical Center’s use of photography on their website? Learn more about how Geonetric’s design team can help you with your hospital or health system website.

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