4 Reasons Why You Should Approach Marketing Campaigns Differently

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As a healthcare marketer you probably lack a few things. Resources. Time. Money. But what you don’t lack are goals. You need to promote your physicians. And your service lines. And your events. So when you’re charged with filling schedules or signing up new patients for an upcoming course, where do you start?

If you’re like many hospital marketers, you start by developing a marketing plan. You determine your goal, plan your marketing tactics, work on messages and figure out when and how you’ll launch your campaign. Then you develop creative, refine messages, and launch individual tactics. Maybe you decide on a radio commercial, a print advertisement and a banner on your website that may or may not be connected.

After all this is done—after months of work—you prepare a report summarizing the success of your campaign. Hopefully, your report indicates a measurable ROI, but often, results end up being something like: we built awareness. Or we increased traffic to the website by 25%. Numbers that your execs probably don’t care about. Numbers that make them question why they spend so much each year on marketing campaigns.

There are four main reasons why you should approach marketing differently.

  1. It takes too long to launch a traditional campaign. Just the planning and market research phases can take months. You don’t get any value during this time.
  2. The tactics defined during planning are based on what you know at that time. What happens if something changes in the market, or a tactic isn’t performing as expected? Traditional campaigns don’t allow changes mid-way through.
  3. Traditional campaigns often focus on individual tactics rather than a goal. For example, a tactic may be to launch a radio commercial, with little thought given to how it connects to other tactics or frankly, the campaign as a whole. A better approach: Focus on your goal: 100 sign ups for a class. Then, launch a radio commercial that offers a call to action that directs listeners to a landing page that captures their information as they register for the class. Did we mention that the landing page has been optimized with keywords for organic search? And that we added in a pay-per-click campaign and a direct mail piece that directs prospects to the same landing page? This broadens your reach and allows you to easily track responses – and keeps everything focused on one specific goal.
  4. Most important of all: results get lost. What happens at the end of your campaign when you notice the results aren’t there? You have no ROI to show your execs, it’s too late to make adjustments and you’ve lost thousands of dollars.

There’s a better way to launch marketing campaigns.

Geonetric takes an agile approach to marketing campaigns. We work in one-week iterations and immediately take work “live” to be evaluated by the ultimate focus group—real marketing consumers. If things don’t work as planned, we make adjustments right away—and without the expense of months lost. If our work performs as expected, we measure and report on the things that matter—appointment requests, procedures performed, and downstream revenue. We add more dollars to the bottom line by focusing on a specific campaign goal, rather than a list of tactics.

And the results? North Kansas City Hospital recently launched a campaign to increase calcium score heart scans by 10 percent (18 scans per month for three months, which equals 54 scans). We crushed the goal by bringing in an additional 493 scans in just over 90 days.

If you want to hear more about North Kansas City’s campaign, attend our upcoming Webinar, From Half Full to Topped Off: How North Kansas City Hospital Filled Schedules on July 31 at 3:00 p.m. CT.

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