Consistency: The Good And The Bad

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Those unfamiliar with agile philosophies sometimes assume “agile” means lack of process, planning or consistency. In fact, all those things are present in agile … but it’s important to look at the underlying data to determine when that consistency helps or hinders us in reaching goals.

In this quarter’s client satisfaction survey we saw consistency in several areas … so we looked closer to interpret those results.

Where Consistency is Working

Our clients continue to value Geonetric as their Web partner. This quarter, 71% of our clients participated in the survey, and those clients rated us at 5.17 overall on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest). We’re pleased that we’ve consistently had higher than 5.0 overall rating and greater than 70% participation for nearly three years.

The highest category &#8212 consistently for those three years &#8212 has been our project management and client advisory team. Clients love the relationship they have with their advisor.

  • “I really feel blessed to have Kerri to work with. I have a great working relationship with her! She helps to make my job easier and more fun!”
  • “Geonetric has always provided excellent customer service and a great willingness to address any client concerns and needs.”
  • “Ashley continues to do a stellar job of keeping us organized and on-track with projects.”
  • “As I have only been working directly with Geonetric for about two months now, I have been extremely satisfied with the guidance, help and knowledge I have been given from my project managers! Those two ladies have been fabulous!”
  • “Penny is excellent at what she does. I said it before and I’ll say it again &#8212 she rocks!”
  • “Kristen has been a tremendous help and is on top of questions and requests so quickly! I am finding great value in her as our Client Advisor &#8212 and perfect timing as we begin the responsive redesign project.”
  • “Rachel is outstanding! One of the best in terms of responsiveness, knowledge and service. My whole team loves working with her.”

When Consistency Means an Opportunity for Improvement

There are times when we look critically at consistently good results, though, and determine that good just isn’t enough &#8212 we’re aiming for “Wow!” And that’s when we make changes.

The lowest category has consistently been related to our software. It has ranked between 4.7 and 5.0 over the past three years, with an average of 4.85. That’s consistently a solid B. Good, yes, but not “Wow!”

As a result, in the past six months, we’ve made changes to how our software team is structured, how we push out software updates, and how we prioritize the backlog of product ideas. We’ve been giving clients a sneak peak at some of the projects that we’re tackling, and already we’re hearing how they’re looking forward to the new functionality. And that’s just the beginning. In the coming weeks, we’ll be getting more aggressive about seeking input from our clients, for both prioritization and specific requirements, and rolling out some new, highly-anticipated features.

If you’re not a client and you’re looking for a Web partner who cares about your opinion and satisfaction, join us. And as always, stay tuned — we’ll continue to report our survey results and what we’re doing to “Wow” our clients every quarter!

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