Geonetric is a Blue Zone Certified Worksite

Photograph of Geonetric employees standing on stairwell.
Geonetric was recently designated a Blue Zone Certified Worksite, becoming the 20th employer in Cedar Rapids to receive certification. Our timing coincided perfectly with the construction of our new building in the New Bohemia District. Much of our building planning took into consideration the Blue Zones certification requirements. For example, our new campus will be Tobacco Free. Our new café will have 10 inch plates and tall, skinny glasses. Our new workspace will have height adjustable desks.

Geonetric has always had an interest in wellness, it just makes sense. First, our clients are health care organizations. And second, we really like our employees and want to keep them happy and healthy – and productive! So, when Cedar Rapids was chosen as a Blue Zone Demonstration Site, Geonetric was excited to help our community reach its goal!

So, what exactly is the Blue Zones Project? Let me give you a little history. A journalist named Dan Buettner teamed up with National Geographic to research and interview residents in areas of the world where people lived to be 100 years old at a higher percentage than the rest of us. He called these areas “The Blue Zones” and wrote a New York Times best-selling book explaining what keeps these centenarians living long, happy, healthy lives. He called the most frequent habits of these centenarians the “Power of 9 Principles.” These are habits we can all incorporate into our modern lives to get a taste of what the original Blue Zone communities do intrinsically.

  1. Move Naturally – Take the stairs, park at the end of the lot, walk your dog
  2. Know Your Purpose – Evaluate your values, passions, gifts and talents
  3. Down Shift – Find a stress-relieving strategy that works for you
  4. 80% Rule – Stop eating when you are 80% full
  5. Plant Slant – Make fruit, vegetables and grains the majority of your diet
  6. Wine at Five – Drink a glass of wine a night and reduce many health risks
  7. Right Tribe – Create a social circle that supports healthy behaviors
  8. Community – Belong to a faith-based community
  9. Loved Ones First – Put your family first

For our employees, the Wellness Committee is busy planning fun activities to keep them healthy in our new building and help incorporate some of these 9 principles. How about a walking challenge to encourage exercise and exploration of our new neighborhood? What about a Yoga class on first floor? Or, a healthy cooking class in the café. With our new digs and new Blue Zone Certification, the possibilities are endless and we’re eager to explore them!

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