What Hospital Marketers Can Learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge

alsicebucketHave you logged into Facebook today? If so, you’ve likely seen at least a few new ice bucket challenge videos in your news feed. And it’s not slowing down! In fact, the Geonetric client advisor team was recently nominated — and accepted — the challenge. It’s simple. Pay a $100 donation toward ALS research to stay dry, or donate $10 and dump a bucket of ice water over your head. Then, nominate your friends to do it.

Here’s what we learn from this viral campaign, which has raised over $88 million in a matter of weeks:

  1. Use a clear call to action! Tell your site visitors what you want them to do. Donate to your foundation? Sign up for a class? Preregister for an appointment? Keep it simple, and users will follow suit! But don’t forget to make it easy. If it requires too much work, users will bounce. So, if you’re asking people to donate or sign-up for a class through social media, make sure you have an online donation or registration option that is easy to find to complete the task.
  2. Think viral thoughts! More than 28 million people have posted, commented, or liked a post related to this challenge. It all starts with an idea. Geonetric recently helped North Kansas City Hospital create an online marketing campaign to promote heart screenings that had people liking, sharing and even tagging each other in posts. We’d love to help you create campaigns that could go viral!
  3. Consider a financial component. Sure, some just dump the water, but that’s not the norm. Most participants are taking the plunge and donating money, all in the name of fun and a good cause. No one likes to miss out, right? Consider promoting a financial component to various calls to action on your pages. Round your bill to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to our foundation. Purchase a t-shirt as part of our newborn classes to help our foundation. There are endless opportunities!
  4. Promote your rock stars. Hospitals like Mary Greeley Medical Center have received impressive press coverage and increased social media engagement for participating in the event, especially when using their well-known “rock star” physicians or employee groups. Also, consider sharing videos of your followers. Celebrate their efforts as an opportunity to spread your message and mission.

Social media matters, especially to your site visitors and potential patients. Accept the challenge and learn from it. Then take your social media presence to the next level! Need help or ideas? Call us!

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