New Home for Geonetric

BuildingThe time has finally come. Geonetric has moved offices.We left our home of 11 years, 4211 Glass Road. We left a building that kept our team members divided in separate suites on separate floors. We left the turkeys who occasionally followed us in the parking lot. We left an HVAC system and bathrooms that didn’t always work properly.

But we don’t have to worry about any of that anymore. We’re now at 415 12th Avenue SE. And what an amazing, inspiring place to call home!

Our new building has been under construction for the past year. It’s an impressive $5.7 million dollar, three-story office building that will house our 70 software engineers, client advisors, website designers and online marketers in an open space on the top floor. This makes it even easier for us to all brainstorm, collaborate and develop the best solutions for our clients.

It also give us the opportunity to meet more creative people in our region. Three other companies will soon share our building with us: the Iowa Startup Accelerator, Vault Coworking and Converge Consulting. We look forward to making new friends and exchanging ideas over a cup of coffee in our shared private café.

Our CEO said it best: we’ve designed the epicenter of creativity and collaboration. Check it out in our Facebook photo album. (Keep in mind these pictures currently show us in transition. We’ll be sure to add some more pictures when everything is put together.)

Welcome Geonetric to our new creative home!

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Tracy Trettin

About Tracy Trettin

Tracy develops and executes Geonetric’s marketing communication strategy and manages the creation of collateral and sales tools. Tracy brings more than ten years of experience to Geonetric, including experience developing integrated marketing strategies and plans to enhance brand awareness, improve market positioning and increase sales. Most recently, Tracy served as director of marketing and communications for NSCA, a national trade organization. Prior to NSCA, Tracy held the position of marketing manager at Stamats, a national higher education marketing firm.

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