Bringing Responsive to the Intranet

UHS_Intranet_BlogThe mobile revolution is already in full swing, and while Internet sites have caught on, intranets are a little behind the curve. With over a billion people accessing mobile applications and 40 percent of Web browsers using a mobile device to find local products and services, why wouldn’t you want to cater to your employees’ mobile usage with a responsive intranet?

UHS in New York decided to ask that question, and answer it with the first responsive intranet site from Geonetric.

Great new features in a clean design

Officially launched on Sept. 17, the UHS intranet features an employee-first responsive approach, which the hospital has boasted in its own internal communications as “the latest in internal communication, designed just for you.” Now employees have access to find the work-related materials they need no matter where they are located.

The refreshed intranet also features Geonetric’s Policy and Procedure Manager, which provides easy updates to improve workflow, save time and ensure compliance.

The new design is clean and compact, giving employees a more intuitive navigation experience and a handy ‘toolbox’ that provides quick access to popular pages, tasks and documents.

UHS also decided that events weren’t just for the benefit of public site visitors. Using taxonomy in VitalSite, UHS created a comprehensive intranet calendar that will feature both employee-only (private) events and public events so employees have a one-stop-shop for all UHS happenings.

Ready to take your intranet to the next level?

If you’re ready to cater to your employee’s mobile habits with a responsive intranet. If you are, or want to learn more about the latest features and functionality of this important employee communication tool, we’re here to help!

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