SHSMD Taskforce Unveils the Ultimate Healthcare Strategy Guide

Strategy GuideThe forces of change are arraying and the impact on healthcare marketing, public relations, communications and planning will be significant. The change isn’t just driven from healthcare reform, it’s also coming from health consumerism and advances in technology including big data, personalized communication and CRM.

I’ve had the opportunity over the past year to be part of a SHSMD think tank exploring the future of the strategy disciplines — marketing, planning, public relations, corporate communications, and physician relations — within the healthcare enterprise.

This task force, working with David Grandy and a team of design thinking consultants from HDR consulting, interviewed, work shopped and vetted its conclusions with hundreds of professionals, executives and CEOs from both inside and outside of our industry.

The result of this work is the impressive Bridging Worlds report. It provides a detailed and actionable plan outlining the changes that healthcare organizations need to make to succeed in the future.

Where to focus

The fact is there is a tremendous amount of change happening. But some provide more opportunities for your organization to grow than others. And some, if ignored, will cause your organization to fall behind peers. So where should your leadership team be focusing? Here:

  • Changing utilization patterns: Volume is shifting from inpatient to outpatient and from doctors’ offices to retail clinics.
  • Big data: Healthcare is fundamentally an information industry. While we are data rich, we’re often insight poor.
  • Technology: Healthcare needs to do more than just compete with our traditional competition, we must match the technology experiences from other industries.
  • New payment models and transparency: The way we are compensated will change almost everything about operations.
  • Partners and collaborators: Going alone is no longer an option. Building the right partnerships brings most of our organizations into uncharted territory.
  • New competition: We once knew our competitors – it was the guys down the street. Now it’s everything from retail pharmacies to big box stores, to a startup company with some credit cards and a dream.
  • Retailization: Consumers have unprecedented choices in how they access care and insurance plans that encourage them to be more active healthcare shoppers.
  • Advanced science of medicine: Early diagnosis along with personalized care is changing the service mix and creating new avenues for differentiating ourselves from the competition.
  • Engagement and activation: We’re moving from sick care to health care. Unlocking the secrets of keeping people healthy is the only real way to move the needle on the growing costs of healthcare.

How to respond

This SHSMD think tank not only determined where savvy organizations should be focusing their energies, they also pooled their extensive talent to share tips on how to get your organizational machine to respond timely to the onslaught of change that is coming.

  1. Be nimble to exceed the rate of change
  2. Tell stories and create experiences
  3. Integrate and co-create
  4. Erase boundaries of business
  5. Generate data-driven insight

Accomplishing this will require new skills, new philosophies, new tools and a new view of our place within health consumers’ lives. The complete report provides a roadmap for you to apply to your career and your organization.

While the report is only available to SHSMD members, the companion webinar happening on Dec. 8 is free and available to anyone.

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