Hospitals Like Mine: Examples of Health Systems, Hospitals and Medical Groups that are Effectively Using the Web

Geonetric's Portfolio Results
Not all healthcare organizations are created equal.

The way a five-hospital regional health system organizes its provider directory, positions itself through Web content and implements microsites is very different than how a 120-bed community hospital does those same things.

Seeing how different healthcare organizations use the Web to connect with their audiences is helpful to healthcare marketers. But seeing how organizations that are similar in size or competitive environment use the Web is invaluable.

That’s why when Geonetric recently redesigned our website, we were thoughtful about how to make our client examples as useful as possible for you – whether you market a regional health system, a community hospital or a medical clinic.

Our new portfolio is the ultimate showcase of how organizations of different sizes, with different goals and in different markets, use the same content management system and expertise to meet their goals. Armed with our CMS, VitalSite, and our expert designers, writers and strategists, we work with each of our clients to build websites that are as exceptional as their organizations are.

Just What You’re Looking For
The key to making our portfolio customizable is the faceted browsing. We organized our success stories in a way that’s easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for – and we offer two ways for you to search:

  • Filter by Organization Size: You can easily filter the portfolio by three different sizes: health system, hospital or medical group. Simply select the size that most closely represents your organization and you’ll automatically be presented with work we’ve done for organizations of similar sizes.
  • Filter by Example Type: If you prefer to filter the work based on a certain discipline or feature instead of organizational size, you can do that too. Just choose the example type you’re looking for – like design, provider profiles or marketing campaigns – and see some of our client examples for that type of work.

Combine Searches for Ultimate Customization
You can even take this a step further! Let’s say you work at a large health system and you want to see how other multi-hospital organizations use VitalSite’s calendar. Simply filter portfolio results by calendar and the size of health system. And ta da:

Portfolio Results for Calendar
In this scenario you’d get three portfolio results showcasing how Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, Adventist HealthCare and Abington Health all present multiple hospital calendars through one seamless user interface.

Once you click through to the portfolio examples you’ll see lots of useful information and up-close images, so you can really dig deep into how that organization uses that feature. For example, when you look at Wheaton Franciscan’s calendar portfolio example, you’ll see how they are using SmartPanels to automatically recommend classes and how they use customizable online registration forms. And with one click, you can go see Wheaton Franciscan’s calendar live on their site, seeing the functionality first hand.

More than Just a Pretty Portfolio
The online portfolio is pretty cool – but it’s just one of the many great features on our new website. We also have a deep resources section that offers educational materials on everything from Web analytics to writing for the Web. Take a look around the new Geonetric site and then let us know what you think! And keep stopping back – we’re always adding new examples demonstrating the way Geonetric’s clients are using the Web in innovative, and more importantly, effective ways.

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