2015: The Year the Web Becomes the Marketing Hub

marketing department around table

Not to sound like my grandfather, but I remember the day when an organization’s website was a new way to share information. I remember when any staff member that was willing to take on coding became the webmaster. Most importantly, I remember when the website was not a marketing asset at all. A lot has changed in 20 years.

The role of the Web has changed. The days of the Web not serving as the primary marketing vehicle are behind us. For marketing staff, C-level administrators, and physicians, your website plays a critical role in promoting your brand and interacting with health consumers.

So what’s next?

I am asked frequently what the next big thing on the Web will be. I’ve seen QR codes come and go. Facebook pages have been established and are growing. Many organizations have responsive design in place. But rarely will somebody say that a well-managed website is the next big thing. Yawns will quickly follow.

When you think about all the tools a marketer has at their fingertips, they end on your website.

  • Want more video? What do you want them to do after they watch the video?
  • Want to generate more social buzz? How do they continue to learn more about your story?
  • Want more patients in the door? How will they learn about your event, your location, your doctors, or your services?

The next big thing is a well-managed website. Great content, findable pages, and a “drive to the Web” strategy will make you masters of the inbound marketing game. Watch our webinar to dive deeper into three tactics that will help you make your website the hub of your organization.

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