Proving the Value of a Hospital Website

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A website is a big investment. It’s also one that, if done well, will pay for itself over and over again. The key is understanding how your website can be used as a tool to bring in revenue.

When Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare set out to create a new site to represent the organization’s Southeast Wisconsin region, they worked with Geonetric to build an amazing site that broke down organizational silos, improved efficiencies and strengthened the health system’s reputation for innovative treatments and compassionate care.

But lots of website redesigns deliver better information architecture, improved functionality and a stronger online brand. So how did Wheaton Franciscan prove the site’s value? They connected their site’s performance to revenue and started tracking. And what they uncovered is pretty impressive.

Connecting Web tactics to dollars

At an organizational level, Wheaton Franciscan had a goal of growing primary care. So the marketing team worked with Geonetric to create an outstanding online provider directory, complete with engaging doctor profiles and user-friendly forms.

But they didn’t stop there. They worked with their clinic offices and the financial team to tie those online appointment requests coming through Geonetric’s VitalSite CMS to downstream revenue.

In just a few months of tracking online appointment requests, Wheaton Franciscan discovered the online forms brought in more than 740 requests, including almost 400 patients who are new to the system.

Even more impressive? Those appointments have led to downstream revenue that has more than covered the organization’s entire digital budget for the year.

You read that correctly – their website more than covered the organization’s entire digital budget in just six months.

Check out the case study to learn more details about the exciting work Wheaton Franciscan is doing.

A valuable partnership

We work with clients that believe in the power of the Web. And we help them understand how to interpret their Web performance and connect that performance to conversions–and conversations to revenue.

Hats off to Wheaton Franciscan’s team for believing in the revenue-generating power of a well-designed website and putting forth the effort to connect the financial dots.

If you’re ready to use the Web to positively impact your organization’s bottom-line, you’ve come to the right place. Schedule a demo of our content management software and let’s get you on the path to a profitable Web presence.

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