Trinity Mother Frances Spotlights Physicians With New Launch

Trinity Mother Frances Hospital Web Team

What makes a great hospital or health system? The amenities? The number of happy patients? What about the people who represent the brand – your doctors and providers?

Trinity Mother Frances needed a more organized Web presence that accurately represented their superb quality of care, growing roster of employed and affiliated providers, and its vast locations throughout their area. A responsive website was a necessity, too, in order to accommodate the growing number of mobile device users in the East Texas region.

Trinity Mother Frances and Geonetric paired up to create a fresh, spacious design that tells their story as a historic health care provider in East Texas while highlighting their many physicians and providers, and award-winning care and treatment.

Getting to know your doctor

The Trinity Mother Frances physician search function operates the same as most, except there’s a lot more functionality for users who are seeking a provider: With a “print results” button, website visitors can print all the doctors found under a certain category or search facet.

And while doctors may have introductory videos about themselves, visitors at Trinity Mother Frances’ website can access videos even quicker. A convenient “Video” play button on the physician search results opens videos in a lightbox, allowing users to see the video, close it, and return to their doctor search results in no time.

Doctors also received special treatment on the locations pages. Each hospital or clinic profile includes a list of related physicians found there, making either the doctor portal or locations portal a possible entry into finding a provider that fits your needs.

Stylized calls to action

Another important feature for Trinity Mother Frances was strong call to action visibility on all pages. To help meet this request and keep it stylized with brand colors, a call to action panel slot was created, allowing for calls to action to be easily created and nested within the content.

The great migration

Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics is a massive network of locations, doctors and specialties. At Geonetric, we were happy to help them with content migration services.

With VitalSite at their fingertips, Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics has plenty of room to accommodate their growing, award-winning organization.

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