Client Satisfaction Surveys: A Retrospective

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Geonetric has been doing our quarterly client satisfaction survey for a few years now. It’s a valuable tool for gathering feedback from our clients and making sure we’re all aligned on the right path … and we’ve been seeing great results.

In an agile environment, however, periodic retrospectives are a critical component – even when things seem to be running smoothly. A retrospective is a planned meeting that gives a team the opportunity to reflect and adapt. In a typical retrospective, we ask three overarching questions:

  1. What’s going well?
  2. What could use improvement?
  3. What actions should we take?

We applied those questions to our Client Satisfaction Survey process … and here are our observations and interpretations.

What’s going well?

  1. If you’ve been reading our blog posts over the years, you know that our clients have consistently rated us well over our target of 5.0, based on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest), with only one small dip two years ago. This quarter, clients scored us an impressive 5.20. We take client satisfaction seriously, and we’re proud to earn these scores!
  2. Overall Client Satisfaction

    Overall Client Satisfaction

  3. Our second measure is participation. We shoot for a minimum of 70% participation – we want to hear from ALL our clients, not just a select few. Like our satisfaction score, we’ve exceeded the participation number every quarter but one over the last three years. And this quarter, our participation was 86% – — our highest ever!
  4. As usual, clients take the opportunity in the comments section to call out exceptional service by an entire team or an individual such as their client advisor, designer or writer. Shout-outs this quarter went to Rachel, Kristen, Ashley, Rob, Celine, Debbie and Nathan, plus three separate teams. High fives to all!
  5. The category with the biggest improvement in its score this quarter was our VitalSite software. That was music to our engineering team’s ears. With 9 major releases and 19 minor releases in 2014, the team worked hard to consistently deliver Wow! to our clients. The survey confirmed that clients appreciate the product changes … and that they’re looking forward to the ones coming in 2015.

What could use improvement?

  1. The good news is that clients are seeing us more and more as an extension of their teams – a relationship we value and appreciate. On the downside, with a growing need for our services, a handful of clients have expressed concern about bandwidth and turnaround times for certain services.
  2. The other critique was about the survey itself. Clients shared that they’re feeling a bit of survey fatigue with the frequency of the surveys. And since there’s so little change quarter-over-quarter, they’ve suggested we could maybe space them out a little more.

What actions should we take?

We sincerely appreciate that clients take time to give us feedback, so when they do, we take it seriously. As a result, we’ve committed to the following actions.

  1. We’re hiring! Geonetric has been on a growth trajectory since late last year, bringing on eight new hires in client-facing positions in just three months: one in December, five in January, and three planned for February. We aren’t stopping there – we’re projecting several more hires throughout 2015. So if you know of anyone who’d be a great fit at Geonetric in any of our open positions, be sure to send them our way!
  2. We’re changing our survey schedule from quarterly to twice a year. That means we’ll be conducting our formal client satisfaction surveys in January and July. Of course, we’ll continue to have ongoing conversations with clients and are confident we’ll hear along the way what we’re doing well and what needs improvement. We’ll be sure to report in July how the new schedule is working out.

Join Us

If you’re not a client, don’t you deserve a Web partner who cares about your opinion and satisfaction? One who is committed to this high level of introspection, transparency and accountability? If so, join us. And stay tuned — we’ll continue to report our survey results and what we’re doing to continually “Wow” our clients!

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