Mary Greeley Medical Center’s Responsive Website Appeals to Mobile Users

Screenshot of Mary Greeley Medical Center Website

When you commit to using data to reveal trends and inform decisions, it leads to better websites. So when Mary Greeley Medical Center saw that over half of their site visitors come from mobile devices and this had grown by 81% since 2013, they decided it was time to act.

Mary Greeley had a mobile site, but it limited information and users couldn’t dig into the details. And, more importantly, they couldn’t always complete key actions on the site.

With an understanding of how their mobile audience was underserved, they decided it was time to develop a responsive site. Mary Greeley’s new responsive site meets the needs of all desktop and mobile users. And it includes large, attractive images and improved navigation.

Designed with the patient in mind, users can easily find providers (check out the new custom profiles), request appointments, pay bills online, research health conditions, and register for classes. From anywhere. Really. Anywhere.

If you’ve noticed an increase in Web traffic, and don’t have a responsive site, consider launching one in 2015. Need more convincing? Give us a call. Our clients are seeing great results from their responsive websites.

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