New, Flexible Website for Advocate Charitable Foundation

Screenshot of the Advocate Charitable Foundation website.

You need to adapt, change and respond to market conditions and consumers. The new Advocate Charitable Foundation site embodies those very principles.

Advocate Charitable Foundation raises funds to advance Advocate Health Care’s mission of serving the health needs of families and communities across the Chicagoland area and Central Illinois. Although the foundation itself is not a healthcare provider, they wanted to take advantage of VitalSite’s powerful platform, cross-promotion opportunities and SmartPanels for their site redesign.

Due to VitalSite’s flexibility, we were able to use existing functionality, but with a spin to make it work for Advocate Charitable Foundation and its audience. The site pulls together information about multiple Advocate Health Care hospitals and programs to create a seamless experience for a potential donor, volunteer or patient. The new site features fresh content such as patient and donor stories, as well as a newly-created blog that will allow Advocate Charitable Foundation to continually communicate and engage their audience.

With VitalSite, Advocate Charitable Foundation will be able to adapt, change and respond to market conditions and consumer needs quickly.

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