Strong SEO Fundamentals Pay Off for Olmsted Medical Center

2-2-2015 1-23-20 PM

We’re always telling our clients how valuable content is to their overall search engine optimization strategy. Of course, content comes in many shapes and sizes, but in this case, we’re talking about your good ‘ol service line content — the content that does a lot of the heavy lifting for your website.

That’s why when Olmsted Medical Center (OMC) came to Geonetric for help boosting the search visibility for their women’s health services, we immediately dove in and started working on better content.

We asked the tough questions such as:

  • Does the structure of this section make sense?
  • Do we need to include other pages in the section?
  • Are new pages needed?
  • How can we use keyword/user research to title pages correctly and write content for that audience?

Together with OMC’s team, we found many areas that could be improved upon. Our content development team re-wrote a bit of content and we built a comprehensive section just for women seeking information about their health.

The Results

Our hard work paid off quickly. In fact, 21 out of 24 of the targeted keywords have seen impressive improvement, with 14 moving into the top 10 rankings, and 6 moving into the top three.

It’s more proof that success in search results can be had if your content is focused on your audience, well-written and well-organized. And these tactics will pay off long-term for our client, too.

Learn more about the entire project, including Geonetric’s approach to search engine optimization, in our latest case study!

And if you want to learn more about how to boost SEO by focusing on valuable content, join me for my upcoming webinar Support SEO Efforts with a Cohesive Patient Journey.

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Casey possesses extensive social media experience and expertly monitors trends in healthcare social media usage. He uses his industry insight and creative ideas to help Geonetric clients create social media strategies that increase brand awareness and improve loyalty. In addition, Casey also works with clients to develop customized search engine optimization services and search engine marketing campaigns. He reviews analytics and helps clients understand the impact social media, SEO, and SEM have on their overall online marketing efforts.

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