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Lots of hands raised sharing ideas.

As a Product Owner (PO), I work hard to ensure that VitalSite is the best content management system on the market. Prioritizing which features and enhancements make it into the product each release requires thoughtful decision making – you have to give needed attention to shifts in the healthcare market, technology advancements and of course the feedback of clients.

It’s fun to talk about the big, sexy stuff the team accomplishes: new modules, major new features and strategic integrations.

The reality is that we have a wide range of requests coming from many different stakeholders and sometimes it’s the little things that make clients (and coworkers!) really happy.

That’s why I’m excited about our most recent product release. VitalSite 16 consists of some great little advancements that are the result of feedback from our clients. Two enhancements in particular have been well received: multi-file upload and an updated WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.

Improved Productivity with Multi-File Upload
Multi-file upload is already saving our clients and our Geonetric team a lot of time, particularly during initial website implementations. Uploading multiple files seems straight forward enough, but this process was more than just dropping files into a directory since VitalSite has a pretty sophisticated taxonomy and workflow.

VitalSite multi file upload

Enhanced WYSIWYG Editor
Like most CMS solutions, VitalSite uses a third party content editor component as the base of our editor – albeit with significant modifications.

For a while, this was ok, but our clients weren’t able to enjoy the benefit of new capabilities and bug fixes in the. So we rebuilt all of our smartlinking capabilities, integrated the editor with VitalSite templates and worked with some of our heaviest end users to rebuild the user interface in a way that works particularly well for our clients.

A Better User Experience
As you know, we survey our customers several times every year. In our most recent customer satisfaction survey we had the highest ratings increase for our VitalSite product in this history of VitalSite survey taking.

The difference? We’re experimenting with new ways of actively working with our clients in the development of new capabilities and listening to them as a primary driver of our engineering priorities.

The result? A CMS that continues to improve and a client community that knows we’re committed to building enhancements – big and small – that make managing their hospitals’ websites easier and more intuitive.

And that’s a pretty great story to tell as PO.

Want to learn more about VitalSite? Schedule a demo today!

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