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One of the best parts about having a long-term relationship with a client is seeing how their website grows and evolves as their organization does. I’ve been a project manager for Genesis, a health system that serves a 10-county region of Iowa and Illinois, for more than five years. Over that time we’ve been through a lot together. We’ve launched microsites. A blog. A mobile section.

And we recently entered into a new phase together – we launched a brand new site for the system that boasts responsive design, new content, new service line structures, and a stunning, new visual design.

The Move to Mobile

Genesis has taken a phased approach to moving to a responsive site. Seeing an increase in mobile traffic a few years ago, Genesis, like lots of healthcare organizations, decided to create a mobile section to cater to this audience. The mobile section included key information like doctors, locations and contact information.

However we could see the time on the site for these mobile users slowly decrease from 2012 on. Genesis recognized that over 30% of all traffic coming to their main site was from a mobile device, and understood those users didn’t want just a section of the site, they wanted access to the whole site.

That’s why Genesis made it a priority to make this next design responsive.

Full screen image of Genesis Homepage

More than Mobile-Friendly

Although creating a responsive site was a top priority for Genesis, that’s not the only thing they tackled during this redesign.

We worked with Genesis to create an overall new service line structure that better showcases the breadth of services offered across the system. They also worked with our expert writing team to create patient-focused, benefit-rich content for the Heart and Neurosurgery service line section.

And they received a whole new look and feel with big, bold imagery and a subtle, modern spin on the organization’s color scheme.

Time-Tested Partnerships

It’s an amazing experience to get to have a long-term partnership with an organization and be with them through the years, helping them to reinvent their online presence along the way. If you feel like you’re constantly switching vendors and wish you had a real partner to help you push your site forward, contact us.

At Geonetric, our clients are more than just clients. We’re all one team working toward common goals.

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