Is Live Video Streaming the Right Social Tool for Your Hospital?

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It’s hard to ignore the latest Internet sensations sweeping across the Web. First there was Meerkat and it’s quick rise to — and even faster fall from — popularity. Then there was Periscope, which became a smash hit and all but made Meerkat a joke.

Regardless of the rivalry, the real conversation is around these live video streaming tools for the Twitter platform and if they make sense to add to your hospital’s social media tool set.

Meerkat and Periscope both allow users or brands to instantly stream live video via Twitter. That’s an important distinction to make, too. Everything that happens on Meerkat or Periscope happens on Twitter. They go hand-in-hand.

These tools are also similar to Snapchat in that your live stream happens and is then gone. Periscope does save your stream for 24 hours, but Meerkat is a one-time deal.

While it’s always fun to try new tools as they pop up, at some point your team needs to figure out how, and if, you should be investing time in the latest craze. Being on the cutting edge can be a powerful way to get noticed, but only if you have a great idea and a plan for executing it.

Consider Your Audience

Since these tools are largely Twitter phenomenons, it goes without saying that you should have a decent following on Twitter to take advantage of that audience.

If you have plenty of Twitter followers and they tend to be engaged, adding the live video stream element may work in your favor. You want to have enough eyeballs to make it worth your time.

But, what types of content might work on platforms like Meerkat or Periscope?

Live Streaming Content Is Different

Since Meerkat and Periscope are all about live content, there are some things to consider.

  1. The content should match the platform. Like any social platform, you’ll want to be sure you’re putting the right content on the platform best suited to amplify it. With these platforms, you’re asking viewers to take time out of their day to watch some bit of content they won’t see anywhere else again. What will you stream that intrigues, teaches, or informs?
  2. Live content can be tricky. Remember that live content can be pretty “raw”. Get comfortable with the idea that you’ll be giving up some control to this live approach, but you’ll also be creating a live experience for viewers that they’ll definitely appreciate. Some situations may not be suited for live viewers, either, so choose carefully.
  3. Does live streaming deliver results? How can you use your efforts on Meerkat or Periscope to bring new patients into your organization or create new fans? It may not always be clear-cut, but your time and effort should create some value for your organization and drive some type of measurable results.

Go Forth and Stream!

If live streaming sounds like a platform that might work for your organization, great! Think about the ways you can engage your audience, create great content and measure the results of your efforts.

The beauty of these newer social tools is that the trend is towards ultra-simple platforms. Such is the case here, where the only steps to getting started include downloading the app, connecting your Twitter account, and launching a live stream with your phone/tablet.

In a few easy steps, you can be streaming live and giving your followers a fresh, new perspective on your organization.

Not sure if live streaming is for you? Geonetric offers plenty of strategic guidance for clients on integrating tools such as Meerkat and Periscope into their marketing strategy. Learn more about our campaign work!

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