What Facebook’s Latest Announcements Mean to You

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Our friends at Facebook are at it again. And by “it”, we mean shaking up the social world as only they can!

Actually, the changes aren’t too bad this time around, but they did announce some news recently that your healthcare organization may want to utilize in your own Facebook strategy.

Let’s take a quick look at the highlights.

New: Embed Facebook Videos

Finally! In an attempt to convince users to upload content to Facebook instead of YouTube, Facebook will give users the ability to embed videos they’ve uploaded to the platform on their own websites.

It remains to be seen whether this will convince users to use Facebook over YouTube, but it’s a nice step. YouTube is still the giant in online video, but this creates some interesting options for brands that use Facebook more heavily.

New: Spherical Video

This one may be a bit cutting edge, but Facebook will now support 3D video that allows the viewer to explore 360 within the video. This technology is still pretty young, but has been getting more and more attention with various virtual reality headsets and apps in recent months.

We see this being a cool way to deliver some new experiences via Facebook, but it will take some planning and probably some investment in technology to produce videos capable of providing the experience. There are some cool ways healthcare could use this, just think about a birth center tour that puts the user in control!

Updated: More Analytics for Apps

If your organization is one that utilizes apps within Facebook (e.g. games, contents, learning apps), you’re in for a treat. Facebook will be allowing developers to get more insight into how users are using their apps and, maybe more importantly, who those users are.

As we all work toward more data-driven decisions, this part of the announcement seems right in line with what Facebook marketers are seeking.

Geonetric’s Recommendations

As per usual, it’s probably best to let these announcements settle a bit and build a strategy around how your organization can take advantage. That being said, if you have a strong idea and can implement it well, you could get noticed by using the latest and greatest from the Facebook platform.

Do you have plans for spherical video or embedding your Facebook videos on your own website? We’d love to hear about it! Just looking for new or different ways to engage your Facebook community? Let’s talk!

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