Bryan Health Launches New Main Website, Builds Microsites That Matter

Bryan Health
Bryan Health, based in Lincoln, NE, recently launched a new, responsive website, along with two audience-specific microsites.

The organization needed a CMS that could be flexible enough to showcase their health system, college of health, and wellness center. And their previous system just wasn’t doing the job. So they called on Geonetric and VitalSite, and we were happy to help.

As part of the project, we worked with Bryan Health on a large content strategy initiative, helping the organization determine the best way to present a user-friendly site structure that accurately reflects Bryan Health’s position as a provider with over 26 medical locations, including three hospitals. The content strategy and content audit uncovered the fact that to adequately meet different site visitors’ needs, they needed two microsites in addition to the main site.

So in just six months, our team not only launched a new, main web presence for the health system, we also launched two microsites, one for Bryan LifePointe and one for Bryan College of Health Services.

The new Bryan Health

The first thing you’ll notice about Bryan Health’s new, main site is the clean, modern design. With ample white space and large, hero banner images, the site is a fresh, digital interpretation of Bryan Health’s brand.

But what’s most impressive is that every aspect of the design is focused on user experience and how the site presents on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Bryan Health website displayed in mobile and desktop devices

For example, to ensure the all-important calls to action weren’t lost when the screen resizes, we provided Bryan Health with a convenient call to action panel, giving them flexibility in terms of placement without sacrificing the high-priority position on mobile screens.

The slide-out navigation on mobile devices gives users a multilayer approach, allowing them to browse and easily reach the page they want. The navigation on the desktop is sticky, so you can travel down the page and still reach your next destination with ease.

The tale of two microsites

It wasn’t that long ago that we shared with you recommendations for when you should and should not build a microsite. Bryan Health is a great example of how — and when — microsites should be used.

Although a majority of Bryan Health’s services are for patients and potential patients, two aspects of the Bryan Health system have very different stories to tell and very different audiences to reach.

Bryan College of Health Sciences, founded in 1926, offers a unique opportunity to its students as a college embedded on a medical campus. With over 700 students and several program tracks, the college needed a site that spoke to health care professionals and students wanting to continue their education – a very different audience than patients looking for medical services or providers.

Brian College of Health Sciences website

Next in line was Bryan LifePointe, a comprehensive wellness center with not only fitness classes, but a fully functional spa, nutritional counseling and rehabilitation tracks for long-term health. Just like Bryan College of Health Sciences, the audience, message and content on this site is much different than that of the hospitals and clinics.

Bryan LifePointe website

Now with individual URLs for both the main website and each microsite, Bryan Health has the opportunity to attract the right site visitors to every part of their organization.

Bryan Health continues to grow while meeting the needs of their distinct audiences. If your hospital or health system is ready to tell a great story – on one site or a few – Geonetric’s web design and content services teams are ready to help. After all, your story is part of our story.

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