Delivering an Engaging, Cross-Channel Marketing Campaign

Genesis Delivers Creative Concept

It seems like, almost every day, there’s a new digital marketing tool or platform to help you push forward your online and offline marketing efforts. And there’s nothing more exciting for a marketer than to work with a client who’s willing to give all the cool new tricks a try to see how they work.

That’s what Geonetric found in the marketing team at Genesis Health System when we teamed up to promote their BirthCenters in Davenport, Iowa, and Silvis, Illinois.

Comprehensive, Cross-Channel Marketing
The Genesis team wanted to increase brand awareness for their BirthCenters in the Quad Cities area as well as drive up registrations for BirthCenter tours and birthing-related classes.

To do this, the Geonetric team created a multi-channel marketing campaign—Genesis Delivers—centered on the exceptional birth experience Genesis provides its mothers, newborns and their families.

Some of the cross-channel tactics we implemented include:

  • Birthing section restructure and content rewrite on the Genesis website to improve usability and the BirthCenters’ online profile
  • Campaign landing page that explains how families benefit from having their babies at Genesis and encourages users to sign up for birthing-related classes and BirthCenter tours
  • Bus wraps that reinforce the Genesis Delivers campaign branding and drive the public to the campaign landing page,
  • Newspaper ads
  • Radio ad
  • Digital native-advertising sponsored content promotions via Outbrain, which placed links to BirthCenter content on sites such as
  • Pay-per-click advertising, both text and display ads
  • Facebook ads, including promoting classes and tour signups on Facebook’s new mobile carousel
  • Twitter ad
  • Cross-channel social media posts

And while those efforts saw great engagement, one of the most popular—and fun—digital promotions we rolled out was a Mother’s Day photo-sharing mini-campaign that encouraged community members to post photos of their Genesis-born kids on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #GenesisDelivered. Photos posted with that hashtag appeared on the Genesis Facebook page and on four digital billboards throughout the Quad Cities during the month of May.

Delivering Great Results
Our strategic digital marketing efforts have delivered great results for the Genesis BirthCenters. Traffic to the Birthing section of the Genesis website has increased by 254% in Iowa since the beginning of the campaign, and Illinois Web traffic went up 104% during the same period.

Signups for birthing-related classes and tours also have risen, increasing 12% since the beginning of the campaign. In fact, this reverses 2014’s downward trend from 2013, with the 2015 registrations now surpassing 2013’s numbers.

The Mother’s Day photo-sharing promotion also saw great engagement in the Quad Cities. People shared more than 160 photos of their Genesis-born children across three social media platforms, which helped Genesis:

  • Increase their organic reach on Facebook by 24%
  • Increase their daily Facebook timeline views by 39%
  • Increase their post likes per day by 38%

Continuing the Success
Community engagement with the Genesis Delivers campaign is still on the rise. We recently created memes with some of the photos submitted during the Mother’s Day promotion and are in the middle of rolling them out on Genesis’ Facebook page. The first one has already seen 125% more engagement than their average Facebook post.

We’re also working on a quiz and an infographic and are excited to see the kinds of engagement both of those pull in on Genesis’ social media pages—as well as track how they contribute to increasing class and tour registrations.

Working with the marketing team at Genesis has been a blast. And the success of this partnership is a great example of the results you can see from digital marketing campaigns when you’re willing to experiment with new tools and push the boundaries of your comfort zone.

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